EMPOWER - Scholarship Tax Credit Program

For the 2022-2023 school year, 14 Alleman students received scholarships totaling $57,178 through this program!

如果有更多的资金,还有8人有资格获得奖学金. Please consider supporting this program.

For families who would like to apply for a scholarship:

Alleman families have an opportunity to benefit from the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program formed under the Invest in Kids Act (IIK) (Public Act 100-0465).  低收入家庭的学生(幼儿园至12年级)可以申请2023-2024学年的奖学金 beginning January 18, 2023. These scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis; so do not delay in applying

Your family could receive a scholarship that covers 50-100% of tuition and eligible fees for the next school year!  From January 18, 2023 to April 1, 2023年将优先考虑年收入符合Empower Illinois网站上提供的图表的家庭成员, who reside within an under-performing focus district, and, who are siblings of students currently receiving a scholarship. 4月1日之后,所有其他符合条件的学生将能够获得奖学金. 获得奖学金的资格取决于你的家庭收入.  从2023年1月18日下午6:30开始,在线申请将分为两部分.m. at www.empowerillinois.org.

 Families will need to upload:

  • A copy of your family’s 2021 or 2022 federal tax return. If the family did not file a tax return, please visit the Empower Illinois website for direction.

  • Proof of Illinois residency (i.e. current driver’s license or state ID, or current utility bill)

  • 学生的出生证明、联邦或州身份证或护照



Invest In Kids Act
伊利诺伊州于2017年颁布了“投资儿童奖学金税收抵免计划”. 该项目为向合格的奖学金授予组织(sgo)捐款的个人和企业提供75%的所得税抵免。. 然后,sgo为家庭符合收入要求的学生提供奖学金, non-public schools in Illinois.

Empower Illinois
Empower Illinois is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit SGO responsible for serving approximately 80% of participating private schools statewide; including all of Illinois’ Catholic Dioceses. Empower Illinois is responsible for:

  • Processing donations from individuals and corporations;

  • Accepting scholarship applications from students/families; and

  • 依法向符合条件的学生/家庭发放奖学金.

Tax Credit

Designating Donations
个人可以直接向一所学校或部分学校捐款, but not to an individual student or group of students. 企业捐赠者不能指定捐赠给特定学校.

Donation Process
Donors can begin the process by registering with mytax.illinois.gov. After the registration process, which can take up to 10 business days, 捐款人将准备好在1月2日开始为先到者保留他们的税收抵免, first served basis. When reserving their tax credit, 捐赠者应选择Empower Illinois作为奖学金授予组织. 一旦他们的信用被保留,他们有60天的时间向SGO捐款.

如果您对如何捐赠有任何疑问,请致电(309)786-7793与Alleman商务办公室的Emily Roach联系, ext. 5 or at eroach@zgenet.com.

For those who would like to contribute to the program:

Individual and business taxpayers 是否可获抵税,金额为合格供款总额的75% to this historic  program! 

To participate, you must have a registered MyTax Illinois 用于申报个人所得税或企业所得税以申请批准供款的帐户.

To apply, 个人和企业必须报告他们向365英国上市官网批准的奖学金授予组织(SGO)提供授权捐款的意图 Empower Illinois365英国上市官网鼓励您尽快创建MyTax Illinois帐户,以避免在应用程序系统运行时出现任何处理延迟.  Please note that Empower Illinois will manage distribution of scholarship awards, not the State of Illinois, nor the Diocese of Peoria.

  • 您必须申请批准作出贡献,并在作出贡献之前获得所得税抵免. Approval to contribute will be awarded on a first-come, 在伊利诺伊州认可的非公立学校入学的基础上,以地理比例的方式优先服务.

  • 只要没有达到区域和全州的门槛,就会自动获得批准. Up to $75 million in tax credits will be awarded per calendar year, beginning in 2018 for taxes filed in 2019, but please do not delay in requesting approval.

  • 为了获得学分,伊利诺斯州将被划分为五个地区. Contributing taxpayers will be required to select the region, Empower Illinois, and amount they wish to contribute. We are Region 3, the North Central Counties.

  • Once your application has been submitted, 伊利诺斯州税务局也证实了这一点, they will issue you a Contribution Authorization Certificate (CAC). CAC将在申请批准后的三个工作日内以电子方式发送到您的MyTax Illinois账户

  • You must make your contribution to Empower Illinois within 60 days after issuance of the CAC. You must also provide a copy of the CAC to the SGO. Within 30 days of receiving your contribution, Empower Illinois 是否会通过您的MyTax Illinois帐户向您发出收据(COR).

  • 个人纳税人可以指定Alleman天主教高中(作为区域3的一部分)作为他或她希望他或她的捐款受益的学校.

  • 批准的抵免可以从提交去年的所得税申报表开始申请. 如果您将此捐款的任何部分申请为联邦所得税减免,则无法根据该法案获得税收抵免.

  • 结婚并提交联合申报表的个人被视为一个纳税人,以便作出合格的供款.

  • 如果你没有使用所有的所得税抵免,你就不能收到退款. However, 任何超过你当年应纳税义务的抵免金额,都可以结转,并在随后的五个纳税年度应用于你的应纳税义务. Credits carried forward do not require additional approval. 抵免适用于有纳税义务的最早一年. Credits cannot be carried back to a prior tax year.

  • Donations by individuals are capped at $1 million.

  • 这笔抵免是不可退还的,但可以结转5年.

  • 请注意:要作出新的投资儿童捐款,您必须每年申请.